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Get your antimalarials for your next trip. Safe and convenient access to antimalarials. Book your appointment.
Blood Pressure Checking
Have your blood pressure checked at our pharmacy. We offer a free NHS Blood Pressure checking service to eligible patients.
Disposal Of Unwanted Medicines
Learn why it’s important to safely dispose of unwanted or expired medicines and how we can help.
Ear Wax Removal – At Home
Earwax removal is one of the core services we provide that can offer our patients instant relief from what they believe to be chronic hearing loss.
Earwax Removal
We offer a professional microsuction earwax removal service. Find out more about our private earwax removal service.
EPS Nomination
Get your prescriptions sent electronically from your GP to us by nominating our pharmacy for electronic prescription service.
Erectile Dysfunction
We offer private treatments for erectile dysfunction. Speak to our pharmacists in-store today to find out more.
Flu Vaccination
Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter season by getting the flu jab. We offer the NHS and private flu jab service.
Genetic Testing
Deliver life-changing answers with advanced genetic and multiomic testing, unparalleled data analysis, and a global network of medical experts.
Hair Loss
We offer a hair loss service at our pharmacy. Speak to our pharmacist for expert advice and for available treatments.
Morning After Pill
We offer the morning-after pill at our pharmacy. Speak to a member of our pharmacy team to find out more.
New Medicine Service
Have you been given a new medicine? Ask a member of our pharmacy team to check if you are eligible for the New Medicine Service.
Private Prescriptions
We offer dispensing service for private prescriptions. Ask in-store or contact our pharmacy for any queries.
Repeat Dispensing
Have been given a repeat dispensing prescription? We can dispense your prescription, ask in-store today.
Repeat Prescriptions
Our pharmacy offers a repeat prescription service to help you with the management of your regular medicines.
Speciality Vaccine
We offer private speciality vaccines at our pharmacy, including Chickenpox, Shingles and HPV vaccines. Book your appointment online.
Supervised Consumption of Medicine
We offer supervised consumption service at our pharmacy. Ask a member of our pharmacy team to find out more.
Travel clinic
Are you travelling abroad soon? Get expert travel health advice, vaccines and antimalarials at our pharmacy.
Vitamin B12 Injection
We offer a private Vitamin B12 injection service at our pharmacy. Please complete your order online to get the injection at the pharmacy.
Weight Loss Clinic
Our weight loss service offers a safe and convenient access to expert advice and treatments to help you achieve your weight loss goals.